Health Coaching at Dalewood Clinics

The term ‘Health Coaching’ has gained quite a lot of traction these days. You might have heard the term on television or read it in magazines. But do you know what health coaching actually is?

Health and wellness coaching are now everywhere. But what do they do? Health is what you think it means. It is when a professional, coaches you on issues about your body and your health. The things they do are often those that doctors and physicians have no time to do.

Basically, a health coach is a mentor who motivates and guides people to cultivate a positive and healthy lifestyle. They are experts who guide you in your nutritional, health, and wellness choices.

If you want to be a healthier person or lose weight it can happen. With the help of health coaches at Dalewood Clinic you will be able to set your goals and actually get there. Dalewood Health Clinic’s health and wellness coaches will guide you on how to become a healthier and happier person.

But did you know that health coaching is not only about the things you eat? It is also about your lifestyle choices. At Dalewood Health Clinic we will help you maximize you to your fullest potential.

If you find that you are unable to commit to healthy lifestyle on your own but you can never commit to it, it is the health coach’s job to see you make those choices. Bit by bit they implement small though significant changes to your lifestyle that will help you lead to a healthier you. You can become a healthier person – with the help of a Dalewood health coach this can come true.

Whatever your goal is whether it is to lose weight or to get the energy you want to last the day or you just want to become healthy, Dalewood’s health coaches will listen to each and every one of your concerns and queries, the reasons behind your struggle to get to your goal and help guide you to the world of a healthier lifestyle in way that is perfect for you.

Since everyone has different body types there is no one lifestyle choice that can be applied to everyone. Health coaches don’t tell to just one kind of diet or lifestyle choices since everyone is unique and different. Dalewood’s health coaches help you play with and experiment with what lifestyle is perfect for you, what diet you need, and the choices you make into becoming the best you.

At Dalewood, the health coaches are professionals who have had tons of experiences and extensive knowledge in the fields of health and nutrition. They have all the necessary information and skills and resources that will bring about a better changes that will help you with your goal and improve your health and lifestyle.

AT Dalewood your personal health coach will make things easier for you to follow with the help of a personalized Nutrition Program.

Just like those coaches who push athletes and professionals to their maximum potential in sports and other fields, Dalewood’s health coaches will help you and push you into fulfilling your maximum potential and ensure that your nutrition program is a success.

 So how do you work with your Dalewood health coach? First you must enroll with the clinic’s program and afterwards you will receive a call to have a private interview with your health coach and help you prepare your nutrition program. There will then be follow up consultations either through phone or Skype and you can also book appointments in your Health Resource Centre. These consultations usually last about 15 minutes but can be longer depending on your needs and the current progress of your nutrition program.

Hand in hand you and your Dalewood health coach will outline all the steps necessary for you to achieve your goals.  Your health coach will help you to setup your goals and identify the hindrances that might stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

At Dalewood your health will help you in a multitude of ways including:

Identifying the reasons why you have problems overeating and other unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Be able to set up realistic and effective goals that are also sustainable.

Develop healthy habits and throw out the bad ones.

Keep you motivated with your goals.

Make you feel understood while challenging you to become the best you can be and a whole lot more.

Here at Dalewood Health Clinic our health coaches will help you find the healthier and better you.

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